Who we are

hulp bij emigreren naar Frankrijk, Vind je weg in Frankrijk

We are a family of four: Pim (52), Ellen (48), Stijn (13) and Carlijn (11).
From summer 2018 we live in the South West of France, in the beautiful Gers.

Pim is a sound engineer and works throughout Europe broadcasting big sports and music events. His big talent lies in finding even those homes that hardly can be found. Besides that he’s an expert on basically everything technical (internet, satellites, cable tv, phones etc.). Lastly he knows all about cars and everything that comes with them, may it be buying a car here or importing your own.

Ellen is an experienced project manager. Her key competence is getting things done. Creative and organised at once. She is focused, efficient and effective. Besides that, she has budgetary skills, understands, talks and writes a good deal of french and knows her way through the French administration. Last year Ellen has gained a lot of practical experience by working for SOS Anglo. She has succesfully helped out many English speaking clients with a big variety of demands related to living in France.

Stijn is now in third year of collège, over here it is the ‘4th’ class.
Carlijn is in the first class (6th) since this september. The first months were quite hard, mainly because of not yet being able to understand and talk french the way they would like to. But be assured, after half a year in school, they already spoke quite a fe words and made friends. Now, after a year, they virtually speak fluently (and with a beautiful ‘gascon’ accent). They truely enjoy themselves and feel at home. Kids are so flexible, amazing!

We want to put all our experiences and skills into helping you find your way in France. As easy and stress free as possible.

If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to give you more background info or credentials.


Find your way in France

For a relaxed start in France!

We speak English, Dutch, German and (of course!) French.

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