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We offer a personalised service. You are free to ask us anything, we will give you an honest answer. If we cannot offer you the service and quality we stand for, we will tell you in advance.
Quality, honesty and trust are key to us.

We work with fair rates, based on the amount of time we spent on delivering you the demanded result and service. After we have gone through your specific needs, we will make you a proposal indicating the specifics (what exactly will we do for you), the estimated time (hours) and the maximum price for our services (what will it cost you at the most). If along the way, you want us to do more, we will offer you an additional proposal. If we do less, you will be charged less. Clarity at all times.


For certain services we work with fixed package prices.

  • Energy

    Set up a contract & connections to Electricity, Gas and/or Water (incl. advice on choice of provider & contract based on your preferences and energy consumption).

    Package price € 149
  • Stay connected

    Set up Telephone & Internet contracts (incl. advice on choice of provider based on your preferences and use).

    Package price € 79
  • My house

    Help you find, check and visit houses (visiting on site only in the South West of France), several packages more or less extensive.
    Send us an email for more info on our package deals!


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