How can we help you?


Advise and help out

We can advise you on all the choices that lie ahead. Provide you with insights into the regions or areas you are interested in.

We offer a useful and practical guide with info on which steps you have to take. What you have to organise to start off well, how you can (best) find your new home in your region of choice.
What you have to do to register your kids to the right schools, start your business, set up your insurances, register your car etc. Furthermore, we can also help you out with practical things like translating documents, making that necessary call to the ‘notaire’, the chamber of Commerce or the insurance office.

Find and sort out

We can also offer you a more intensive guidance and take a big part of the prepatory work out of your hands. We can for example check out potential homes for you in the South West of France.

The same goes for finding you the appropriate schools, good business opportunities, suitable (healthcare) insurances, the best way to get your car registered and the most economical internet or electricity provider etc. All based on your unique family profile. Based on your needs and wants, we provide you a personalised, tailor made and detailed paperwork with all necessary info, contacts, numbers and forms.

Do it for you

If you want to start off the easy way, we can take even more worries and ‘things to do’ out of your hands. As far as housing is concerned, we can assist and advise you in the process of finding your potential new home in the South West of France.
Furthermore, we can select the most economical and suited insurances, arrange your car registration, your phone / internet / electricity / water contracts and/or register your business into the right chamber of commerce (there are several). We can also make sure your children get registered for school and if necessary arrange a ‘rendez-vous’ with the education department (we found out that this is obligatory in order to enter college or lycee).

In short, we can get a lot of things done for you.

We can advise, find or get you:

  • 1. Advice & guidance on finding a house.
  • 2. Translation of documents, assist meetings.
  • 3. Contact autorities, set up appointments (doctor/dentist etc.)
  • 4. Sign up for relevant services (employment office, family service, education, schooltransport etc.)
  • 5. Car registration (carte grise).
  • 6. (Health) insurances (carte vitale).
  • 7. Register your business, enter social security.
  • 8. Subscriptions for electricity, water, tv, internet, (mobile)phone etc., based on your family profile.
  • 9. Adequate language or professional courses.
  • 10. Useful contacts and networks to help you start up your life in France (bussiness, leisure etc.)
  • 11. Almost anything (legal), do not hesitate to ask!

In summary, we can get all the necessary things done for you, to guarantee that you can have a stressfree and relaxed start in France.

We can also provide you with useful and trustworthy contacts for tax, financial & legal services.

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We speak English, Dutch, German and (of course!) French.

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