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If you do not yet live in France we can help you find your new (or second) home.

We also can be of use in translating and can assist with understanding the legal documents and contracts concerning the purchase.

Once you own or rent a property in France we can help with all practical and administrative aspects of living in France. From setting up electricity, water, internet or phone contracts to registering for health care cover (‘carte vitale’). From contacting relevant authorities to taking care of appropriate insurances for your house, health and car.


If you want to create your own business in France, we offer help and advice in registering as micro-entrepreneur (self employed). We can also offer assistance in starting up your business, for example by helping you acquire necessary licenses & permits or getting you in touch with relevant authorities and other useful contacts.

PS Do remember that you need a work-visa if you are a non-EU citizen.


We can help in any way that suits you best. Either by offering advice and guidance on how to do it yourself, or by taking care of things and getting them done for you.

Our services include:

  • 1. Help with finding your house, including visits in Southwest of France.
  • 2. Set up electricity & water contracts as well as communications (internet, telephone, television, satellite).
  • 3. Translation of documents, assist at appointments.
  • 4. Contact relevant authorities (local government, tax office etc.), set up appointments (doctors, dentists, quotes etc.).
  • 5. Car registration (carte grise).
  • 6. Set up appropriate insurance contracts (house, car, top up).
  • 7. Business registration (incl. registering at tax office and entering social security system).
  • 8. Acquiring permits/licenses for your business (Campsite, B&B etc.)
  • 9. Advice on visa procedures.
  • 10. Guidance and help with all practical and administrative issues related to living and working in France.

In short, Find your way in France offers hands on help and tailor-made services to get your French life organised as easy and stress free as possible.

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Find your way in France

Getting your French life and work organised

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